What we look for in our rams

Because the rams we use affect our lamb crop for multiple years, our farm’s stud rams are very important to us. We look for a stalky, hefty frame with strong bones and good depth in both the ribs and the flank. Our flock contains rams that have great muscle definition as well, especially in the loin, leg, and twist. Additionally, all of our rams are RR, purebred, and have A-type coats.

When looking at ram lambs to be a possible stud at our farm, we look for an individual who has growing potential (growthy) and has an average birth weight. With our flock, not only do we promote their exceptional quality of meat, but we also promote ease of birthing. High birth weights can cause birthing complications, especially for younger ewes. As such, we strive for average birth weights but outstanding wean weights.

Former Sire- CMG King George- RR

George has been the cornerstone of our foundation ewe flock, and has been critical in the growth of our farm. He possessed wonderful color, and passed it on to much of his offspring. Mild tempered, large, and square, he has brought a lot of quality traits into our flock. Many of our best ewes have come out of George.

Ed is the star of the farm! He has surprised us with large, growthy lambs that are thick-boned and stocky. The females that he has produce have a lot of depth in the ribs and the flank. His ewes look very maternal, and have never had issues birthing. Along with his handsome appearance, he is quite a gentle male and is quite appreciative of his pets. This laid-back nature is apparent in the majority of his offspring.

Ed- RR

TMD Orion


TMD Sirius

JF Husker- RR

A new addition to our farm, Husker is our hopeful future. We are excited to see what he produces in the future.

Cupid is the son of George, and certainly proves it. He has provided us with multiple impressive, maternal ewes.

NH Cupid- RR