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If you have never experienced stained glass in your home before, we invite you to discover this exciting art medium designed especially to add color and texture to any room, home or business. When the sky meets the imagination, dramatic things can and do happen. This is what is so special about the art of stained glass.

For those familiar with stained glass, we believe that here at Nemaha Hill you will find a satisfying blend of art design expertise and quality craftsmanship. Lori's ability to "paint with glass" is what sets her apart.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  

If at any time you are not completely satisfied with any Nemaha Hill Stained Glass creation, we ask that you return it to us. We will gladly reproduce your original design to exceed your expectations.

A native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Lori French (originally Lori McGlew) graduated in 1985 from UMASS-Dartmouth with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration. She has spent over 20 years creating unique art in various mediums.

Soon after locating to rural Nebraska in 1998, Lori discovered stained glass. She immediately knew that she had discovered a medium for which she was perfectly suited.

The joy of stained glass is that it stirs emotion through the interplay of light, color and glass in ways that no other medium can. Like painting with brush on canvas, Lori enjoys choosing the colors for each piece the best. As the sun shines through, watching the colors"pop" from each piece for the first time is always the most fun.


The Artist


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